30 June

Finding a Good Web Site Host

Over and over again, we have clients that come to us with tragic stories about how their web site host left them without a critical service or shut them down completely. The shame of all this, is that most of the time it could have been avoided by taking the time to find the right web host. Consider these things when shopping for a good web host:

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15 May
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How Much for a Web Site?

We get this question all the time. Our typical response is to ask the caller, “How much will you spend for your next office or storefront. This is a good analogy. You could get imported white marble or finished concrete floors. You could get standard or energy efficient windows. T-1 line? Signage? Triple net? Shelving, cabinetry, furniture? Do you want a steam room or ping-pong table? Your hardwood floors could be double or triple sealed.

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03 April
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Building Trust

In recent years we’ve seen the dawn of trust seals – those little graphics on web sites that serve as a third-party verification of one thing or another. The BBB and Truste have been the leaders in this type of service. But trust doesn’t come that easy. Like one political slogan doesn’t capture all voters, neither does one trust seal on a web site gain the trust of all customers. It takes time, persistence and the right combination of image, design, technology and real customer service efforts.

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Finding a good web site host

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How much for a web site?

We get this question all the time.

Building Trust

In recent years we’ve seen the dawn of trust seals.